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Thursday, March 26, 2009

22. The Messiah and Change

Obama and his disciples are smiling and laughing and celebrating as if there is no tomorrow. Yes, Obama is the messiah bringing change to this country and change that has long been needed. He compares himself to Abraham Lincoln and to Franklin Roosevelt. These comparisons are historically valid, except not in the way Obama envisions them. Where Lincoln unified the nation, Obama will split the country. Where FDR ushered in socialism, Obama will destroy the social programs created under FDR and those he also creates. The “change” Obama is bringing is the end of the federal government as we know it – and it is change that is long overdue and necessary to return this country to the original vision of our founding fathers.

Our country can no longer live under the burden of inept governmental control and regulation. Each social program created sucks more life out of our economy and provides little or no benefits to the supposed recipients of such programs. Like many historical events that seem fated in retrospect, Obama appears to have been selected by God as the right man in the right place at the right time. He will bring this country to its knees and he will go down in history as one of the most incompetent and hated leaders of all time. If he avoids impeachment, or even worse, he will be lucky. He will probably be the first ex-president who will have to live in exile from his home country, fearing for his life.

Unlike the 1930s when FDR began the New Deal and later in the 1960s when LBJ expanded upon those social programs with the Great Society, Obama leads this nation in a very different time. His predecessors did not face a nation whose citizens know nothing but government hand outs and programs as we do today. Millions of Americans demand or soon will demand their Social Security payments – retirement life blood for which they paid dearly during their working years. Government employees, including teachers, look forward to their pensions, many realizing, at this point, that the cupboards are already bare. Generations of families who know nothing but a life of continual welfare programs will soon be forced to work – or they will starve. Government assisted businesses which have no idea how to run profitably will soon find such assistance terminated. All will soon find the rug pulled out from beneath them when the well is dry and there is nothing to give them but worthless, inflated dollars which will barely sustain life.
Also not faced by FDR or LBJ is the internet. A government can only control its people as long as it can control their money. In the 1930s, the thought of average Americans having foreign bank accounts was unreal. Funds can now be transferred to any safe haven throughout the world with nothing more than a click of the computer mouse. As working Americans see their savings taxed to death or destroyed through inflation, they will quickly move their nest eggs abroad into havens such as gold and silver. As businesses are taxed or regulated into extinction, they too will move to business friendly nations with only satellite offices in the US. Corporations will leave the country, taking with them the jobs Americans so desperately need. Yet, Obama will find other ways to tax and confiscate the wealth of this country. Just as FDR confiscated gold from Americans wise enough to hold it as a hedge against the crash and depression of the 1930s, so will Obama come after every American wise enough to protect themselves from the destruction of the US dollar and our successful, capitalistic economic system.

But, unlike other countries and people who fell to communist/socialist regimes, Americans will rise up and revolt. We already see “Tea Parties” organizing and protesting. Several states are in the process of passing resolutions supporting the Tenth Amendment which secures states rights. Governors are refusing to accept stimulus money and with it, the strings which are attached. And many people, even average Americans, are already transferring their wealth to other countries, to protect it from the greedy, evil, power-hungry, self-serving politicians who care nothing about this country and only about their own interests.

Unlike other people at other times, most Americans are not sheep who will simply be led to the slaughter house. We will revolt, not necessarily with guns, but with something far more powerful – our wallets. We will bankrupt this country and with it the communist/socialist ideals that have slowly whittled away our freedoms and our economy. And once this country collapses, it will rise again under leadership also fated by God. Men and women, much like Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson in the 1700s, will take our homeland into this new century, having learned the lessons of a corrupt and over-reaching government and will place stronger restrictions and limitations into our Constitution.

Yes Obama, you will bring change, but it is the change for which I pray and not the change for which you and your disciples yearn.