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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

28. Two Townhall Questions For President Obama

President Obama, thank you for taking my question today.

First of all, I want to assure you that I do not represent any insurance company nor am I a plant of any faction of Hillary's "vast right-wing conspiracy." I am not a member of any mob, a racist nor an "evil-mongerer." I am just an ordinary American citizen who is deeply concerned about the proposed health care initiative in Congress. Second, in spite of Ms. Pelosi's views, I do not see my concerns as "un-American" and I trust you will not see them as such either.

In listening to many of the townhall meetings which have been broadcast, members of Congress, as well as yourself, Mr. President, have often been unable to answer specific questions regarding the content of the health care bill. The reason usually cited is that several versions of the bill are currently working their way through committees and it is not yet currently known what will be in the final bill. This is quite understandable. On the other hand, in July, before the Congressional summer break in August, you were trying to push this seemingly unknown bill through both houses before members of Congress and the American public were even able to review its contents.

So, my first question: Mr. President, will you promise me and all Americans that when this bill is fully hammered out, that it will be posted on the internet for a minimum of eight (8) weeks so that all members of Congress and all concerned citizens of this great country are allowed sufficient time to review and understand a bill that will place one-seventh of our economy under government control? This will give us all time to understand and digest this bill and then time to contact our members of Congress with our comments and concerns. Considering the magnitude of this bill and its potential impact on our economy, is this really too much to ask?

My second question: Mr. President, you have made many sweeping promises regarding this bill. One such recent promise is that no one will ever have to stand in line for health care. You have portrayed this bill a the solution to our nation's health care problems and concerns. So, Mr. President, will you promise to me and all Americans here and now, that one additional clause will be placed in this bill. That clause will read:

"All members of Congress, the Supreme Court, the President of the United States, all members of the President's cabinet, all federal employees and all members of the families of each of these offices must be covered soley by this plan. Any elected or appointed federal official, member or employee not choosing this plan must reliquish their office or job within the federal government."

If I was a member of Congress or even the President of the United States, there is not one single piece of legislation I would ever force upon the American people that I would not also wish to apply to me. I trust you, your wife Michelle, Barbara Boxer, Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry, Barney Frank, Harry Reid, Diane Feinstein, Al Sharpton, Dick Durbin, Arlen Specter, Chris Dodd, Ted Kennedy, Robert Byrd and every other member of Congress who is committed to this health plan, hold these same values and will welcome the excellent care which will undoubtedly be provided. And if this plan is not good enough for you, your family or for your esteemed colleagues, then why should it be good enough for any other American?

Thank you Mr. President for your time and your concern.

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