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Thursday, September 20, 2007

12. Sorry Rabbi, I Guess You're Stupid Too

The Left enjoys calling people stupid who in any way disagree with their unusual and subjective form of logic. So, since I often disagree with them, I guess I’m stupid too. Several months ago I, like many Americans, chose not to see the movie “All The King’s Men.” I chose not to see it because the star is Sean Penn. I won’t see any movie with Sean Penn or Julia Roberts or Jennifer Aniston or Alec Baldwin or a host of other Hollywood luminaries. I’m stupid, I’m told, because I can’t look beyond their politics.

Larry Elder, the conservative talk show host, interviewed the producer of “All The King’s Men” prior to its release. Larry asked him if he was concerned that people would avoid attending the movie because of Sean Penn. The producer stated that Americans were “smarter than that.” He felt Americans could look beyond the politics of the movie makers and the actors and see only the movie.

Well, I didn’t see the movie but I guess I’m in good company because the movie bombed at the box office. What is even more interesting is that after it bombed, the response from Hollywood was that Americans were too stupid to appreciate such an intellectual film. Now wait – are we smart or are we stupid? Interestingly enough, in checking the numerous bad reviews on, it appears that film critics are stupid too.

It’s not that I can’t handle someone not agreeing with me. It’s not that I can’t accept others who don’t share my views. But I don’t consider comments like, “Bush is a f***ing idiot” from the lovely Jennifer Aniston, to be intelligent debate. I don’t consider Julia Roberts comments, “You’ll find Republican in the dictionary between reptile and repugnant” to be respectful commentary. I don’t see Sean Penn’s many diatribes including his missive to the creators of South Park in which he closed the letter with, “All best, and a sincere f*** you” to be anything worthy of respect. But what perplexes me even more is that the self-proclaimed intellectual left can’t even comprehend my position.

I share very few views with Senator Joe Lieberman. But I have respect for the man and am always willing to listen to his opinions. He presents rational and intelligent arguments. He doesn’t name call, he doesn’t yell and scream – he just calmly presents his side of the issue. I like that. I respect that.

So, I’ve chosen to boycott films by those in Hollywood who are less than respectful to the views of others. Considering those on the left from Jesse Jackson to labor unions to Cesar Chavez have all supported boycotts, I would think they could understand my position. But no, if I boycott France or the Dixie Chicks or Sean Penn I’m considered childish and stupid and I want to stifle free speech. The left has tried endlessly to silence Rush Limbaugh but in no way are they ever against free speech. No, that label is reserved for those of us who are right of center.

Shortly after Mel Gibson’s arrest in Malibu, Entertainment Tonight interviewed Rabbi Marvin Hier of the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles. The topic was Mel’s new movie “Apocalypto.” The Rabbi was asked if he would attend the movie. Since the Rabbi is a member of the Motion Picture Academy, they also asked if he would consider voting for the film for any award. The Rabbi answered "no" to both questions.

Even someone as non-intellectual and stupid as me can understand the Rabbi’s position.

Not surprisingly, no one asked the Rabbi why he couldn’t look beyond Mr. Gibson’s virulent anti-Semitic comments and see only the movie. No one suggested that Rabbi Hier wasn’t “smart enough” to look at the film and not the film maker.

Well Rabbi, if you are stupid, which I doubt, you too are in good company.

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