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Friday, September 28, 2007

14. The Church of the Intellectual

“What happens when one has striven long and hard to develop a working view of the world, a seemingly useful, workable map, and then is confronted with new information suggesting that that view is wrong and the map needs to be largely redrawn? The painful effort required seems frightening, almost overwhelming. What we do more often than not, and usually unconsciously, is to ignore the new information. Often this act of ignoring is much more than passive. We may denounce the new information as false, dangerous, heretical, the work of the devil. We may actually crusade against it, and even attempt to manipulate the world so as to make it conform to our view of reality. Rather than try to change the map, an individual may try to destroy the new reality. Sadly, such a person may expend much more energy ultimately in defending an outmoded view of the world than would have been required to revise and correct it in the first place.” - M. Scott Peck, “The Road Less Traveled”

“Those who do not believe in God inevitably believe in something else.” - unknown

When did science stop being scientific? When did we stop searching for proof and start putting our faith in theories? When did intellectuals start behaving as zealots rather than somber and stoic researchers seeking verifiable facts?

During my life I have been repeatedly warned of impending doom, of crises of cataclysmic proportions. Each was backed by scientific theory, often supported by computer simulation models. In each case, the outcomes were so horrific that if we as a people did not immediately take action our generation would likely be the last. These theories advanced within the public with such force and amassed such bodies of enthusiastic disciples that it put even Elmer Gantry to shame.

These crises included overpopulation, global cooling, the hole in the ozone layer, the dangers of silicone breast implants and the AIDS virus becoming the plague of the heterosexual community. In each case I listened to the fear and panic of the believers and I also listened to the objections of those with opposing views. In each case, history has proven the hysteria unwarranted.

The believers of these theories moved forward with religious fervor. They alone possessed the truth. Non-believers were blind and were being fed lies by evil and corrupt right-wing extremists and greedy corporations.

The latest crisis based upon scientific theory is that man, through carbon emissions, is responsible for global warming. As before, the zealotry of its followers can only be compared to the most extreme of religious sects or cults. Here is my list of similarities between both groups:

1. Apocalyptic Destruction. Each crisis carries an “end of the world” type scenario and the need to act is immediate. With global warming, some have set cut-off dates in the not too distant future. “If we don’t act now, all will be lost.”

2. We Are To Blame. Only through belief in the theory and redemption by converting others can we find salvation. The enemies we must rally against are those that speak against the Truth.

3. There Is Only One Truth, One Path To Salvation. All other theories are lies. These “false” theories are the voice of the devil trying to sway us from the path of light. Regardless of the fact that many reputable climatologists disagree that humans are the cause of global warming, they are attacked as “not credible” and their motivations are questioned.

4. The Truth Shall Not Be Questioned. Knowledge is handed down from the elders, in this case, scientists and professors. Those that question the Truth are attacked as stupid. They are blind and cannot see. Gore repeatedly claims that not one credible scientist disagrees with his scenario. The Truth is absolute – it is black and white.

5. Evangelistic-Like Prophets Preaching To The Masses. Al Gore is the proclaimed prophet of global warming. Preying upon emotions of believers and non-believers, his movie and speeches work to raise the level of “consciousness.” On May 5th in San Antonio, Texas, Gore even compared global warming to a “spiritual crisis.” When asked to debate the science of global warming, Gore declines. “I am not a scientist,” he responds. One can only assume that the prophet need not explain his beliefs – but his version of the truth shall set you free.

6. Proselytizing. One way we convince ourselves of that which we believe but cannot prove is by converting others. In Ontario, Canada a high school student was forced to watch “An Inconvenient Truth” four times by four different teachers, one being his gym class. No opposing opinions were offered, just the word of the prophet himself.

7. Penance and Absolution. The sins of the believers and non-believers can be forgiven. By changing their lifestyles to “green” they can find personal salvation. But, even believers will stray from the path. Even though Al Gore charters private jets and his house in Tennessee uses twenty times the energy of the average American home, Gore seeks penance and absolution by buying “carbon credits.” Somehow this reminds me of Don Corleone ordering a “hit” on another family and then going to confession to wipe the slate clean.

The truth is that many scientists – credible scientists – disagree with Gore’s theory. Their research and conclusions are readily available, yet are ignored by Gore and his disciples. Their positions often show that although Gore’s arguments may be based on logical assumptions, history has shown these assumptions to be incorrect or at least, not reliable.

An honest debate would seem to be in order – a calm, objective debate by climatologists on both sides of the issue. But the body of believers is not interested in such a debate. These self-proclaimed intellectuals, believers in the infallibility of science, the purity of its approach and the denial that its approach can hold bias, see no need for scientific inquiring and debate.

Even when time proves these disciples and followers wrong, they still hold fast to their beliefs. In 1993, Michael Fumento published “The Myth of Heterosexual AIDS.” At that time, allegedly scientific models predicted that AIDS would sweep through the heterosexual community, killing like no plague before in history. Mr. Fumento, using data from the Center for Disease Control (CDC), laid out his hypothesis that AIDS would never spread significantly beyond the homosexual community exempting high-risk groups such as IV drug users. In May 2007, as I write this essay, no such plague has occurred. In spite of this, I noticed a review of his book on in which the reviewer called the book a work of “pure fiction” and finished, not surprisingly, by attacking the author, calling him a “homophobe.” Although this review was posted in August of 2004, the reviewer still holds fast to her beliefs that AIDS will spread into the heterosexual community killing by the millions.

The intellectual Left mocks and criticizes the Christian Right for the same things for which they too are guilty. They have blind faith in Al Gore and his teachings. They are not interested in opposing points of view. They demonize, label and attack those that disagree with them. They are convinced that they alone hold the Truth and the keys to salvation.

The Church of the Intellectual and its body of believers continue. Though they justify their beliefs using science, there is little that is scientific about them.

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